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Looking for New Home Designers? These CAD Designers Can Design a New Home in 3D to Help Visualize

If you're looking for new home designers its likely you're building a new home and may be looking for CAD designer or drafting company to help you design a new home in 3d so you can visualize all the details. If you clicked this article, its highly likely you're realizing the challenge of envisioning exactly what your new home design will look like after being built.

After you've spent dozens of hours with your interior designer choosing materials and selections, the last thing you want to do is have to sign-off on some old fashioned black & white 2D CAD drawings that you can't fully interpret.

Mid century modern home designed by Murray Custom Homes and rendered in 3d by Lars Owens Design
Mid century modern home designed by Murray Custom Homes and rendered by Lars Owens Design

Luckily for you I've put together my short-list of the best new home designers in area that offer 3D CAD design and renderings to homeowners and local home builders so that they can visualize their dream homes with beautiful color renderings of the interior and exterior of the CAD designs. In addition to photorealistic renderings, some of these CAD design companies also offer video walk-throughs and physical architectural models for even more detailed visualizations.


Before we go on, I should tell you this is my company. Although I do a ton of work for local home builders and architects, I don't necessarily offer "new home design" to the public and homeowners— but I do offer high-end rendering and visualization services of new home designs. This said, if you need a new home design and want to work with me I'd be happy to look at your project and see if its a good fit- if not, I obviously have contacts that can help you and would be happy to give you advice and point you in the right direction.

At Lars Owens Design I offer floor plan layout, drafting, detailing, and 3D design visualizations. I can provide beautiful renderings and video walk throughs of your interior and exteriors. If you're designing a commercial building I can help you visualize the site in 3D as well as with physical architectural models for presentations.

  • 3D New Home Design

  • Photorealistic Renderings

  • Video Walk-throughs

  • Residential CAD Packages for Permitting

  • Physical Architectural Models

In addition to renderings and visualizations, I also specialize in helping home builders and architects with overflow CAD work and developing the CAD details and drawing packages for permitting.


From their website:

New Ventures, Inc. helps home buyers and builders achieve their construction and development goals. Through design, drafting, and consulting expertise, we offer a wide range of home designs and blueprints that feature luxurious amenities. Our drafting and building code knowledge also allows us to make changes to current plans or create entirely new plans that capture your vision. Search for your perfect home plan or contact us directly. We are happy to help you find a plan or talk though floor plan customization. We can't wait to be a part of your new venture!


From their website:

At VirtuActive we specialize in designing floor plans, existing spaces, remodels and renderings in a 3D environment. We utilize leading edge software to help our clients visualize their plans in a way that allows them to clearly communicate their wants and needs during the design process. Our clients can make decisions on ALL aspects of the home or commercial space through a virtual perspective instead of just lines on paper.


From their website:

At ACRE Design + we want you to live better. To live better, ingenuity is key to creating new standards that are specific to your life.

We focus on:

  • Collaboration for creative problem solving

  • Impacting the quality of life through functionality

  • Builder friendly construction documents

From designing functional and beautiful floor plans that work for your life,

to selecting finishes that bring your vision to reality, we are here to assist with the design of your residential project.

We offer a full range of focus from large decisions down to the smallest of details. We provide customized, detailed designs for each client including renderings. We offer the ability to tour your future home with virtual reality!


You wouldn't go to print with a brochure for your company without seeing a color proof first? Great graphic designers will even provide a mock-up of your brochure so you can fully visualize it— Why would you build a half million dollar more more new home and not see it in 3D first?

3D visualizations are a nominal expense that often uncover things in the designs you weren't expecting that could cause delays and headaches after you begin the new home building process. "You don't know what you cant see®" —Lars Owens

If you're building a new home and want to see detailed visualizations of your CAD, or if you need CAD design and drafting services as a home builder or as a homeowner I encourage you to check out all these great companies and what they have to offer.


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