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Who are the Best Graphic Designers in Lincoln, NE?

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

If you're reading this article its likely your looking for a professional graphic designer in Lincoln, NE or nearby area. If you're looking for one you probably want one of the best. You may have noticed in google search results for "graphic designers Lincoln, NE" there are several large advertisers toward the top of the results making it harder for you to find good local designers without having to signup and then navigate endless platforms like fiver, dribble, thumbtack, and a handful of others.

These services are nice and serve a purpose, but are also quite-like delivery apps for designers. They list us as designers on their platforms— we're all listed on them, but they take a huge percentage of our revenue so we end up having to pass that cut along to the clients. It's far better in the long-term if you can find a designer on your own using google search or getting a referral from an associate. Its a win win to hire a local designer directly.

For your convenience I've put together a short list of some of the best designers in town. All of these companies are known for exceptional customer service and each have their own unique areas of strength.

Logo design for Lars Owens Design studio in Lincoln, NE


Right-off I need to mention this is my company. Because of my nearly 30-year career in design, I have developed a unique skillset, my studio is different and compliments the other services in town nicely. As a multidisciplinary designer and having a small studio I'm known for my award-winning graphic design, logo design, brand use guides, packaging design, and industrial design. Unlike some of the other local graphic designers I also have master-level CAD, industrial design and 3d rendering experience. I work in a small studio where I do pretty-much all the work, so its always consistent.


Known as one of the areas best website designers Ebbeka Design has been providing beautiful award-winning graphic design and website design in Lincoln NE for decades. A larger studio now with a team of extremely talented folks.


Known for really great brand development and having dedicated designers for clients. Some larger agencies use any manner of designers to complete projects, at Unanimous they assign a designer to you so your branding is always consistent as possible. They have the advantages of a large agency, but with the benefit more like a smaller design studio.


Know as one of the areas best ad agencies, Red Threads is a full service ad agency in the Haymarket. An energetic team of creatives with expertise in advertising and website design.


Weather you're selling products online, or have a local service business, good consistent branding requires hiring a designer at some point. Selecting a designer that has strengths in the area of your project is key to success. You wouldn't necessarily want to hire a really great website designer to design retail packaging as they are completely different skillsets. Hopefully this short list gives you some insight to the talents found right here in Lincoln.

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