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3 Really Good Examples of Logo Design From An Award-Winning Designer

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Over my 27 year career as a logo designer and brand manager I've worked with dozens of different companies developing brands ranging from medical devices to consumer products and even local services. Some service related companies are have several divisions and often require logo lockups. Companies like Design Rush that have a client referral platform and also B2B Phone Answering Services will usually require different "final versions" of their logo; also known as logo lock-ups.

After successfully developing a handful of brands you see, and do a lot of exploration. What works and what doesn't work are equal contributions to the end result. A logo design is the foundation, the origin, and the the beginning to a complete and successful brand experience. It's important that it communicate the product or service and company's core values. Like my local design company, there are online resources. I love to share my work so lets jump-in and explore a few of the logos I've helped my clients design and turn into brands.


Logo design and brand development for a supplement add-on product to a clinically monitored weight loss system. The transparent graphic logo mark was developed to represent the science behind the cream. This is not displayed on a store shelf this packaging design has been developed to be compliant with FDA 510k product labeling and packaging design standards.

Logo design and brand development of a medical supplement brand. Designed and developed to be compliant to FDA 510k standards by Lars Owens Design
Logo design and brand development by Lars Owens Design


Logo design and brand development of a consumer goods brand. Lars Owens Design has developed dozens of packages for this brand including this logo for fruit fly trap packaging.

Logo design of a consumer goods brand by Lars Owens Design in Lincoln, NE
Logo design of a consumer goods brand by Lars Owens Design in Lincoln, NE


Logo design for a lifestyle brand that helped golfers track and record scoring and performance statistics with a pocketbook scoring card and online app. What makes this logo particularly nice is the mostly square layout. Layouts like this are usually universal and don't require different formatting for horizontal and vertical layouts.

Logo design of a lifestyle golf brand by Lars Owens Design in Lincoln, NE
Logo design of a lifestyle golf brand by Lars Owens Design


"A well designed product brings users to your products. A well designed product user experience brings customers to your brand for life." — Lars Owens

A logo is the beginning and the foundation of your brand, if you would like to learn more about how 27 years of brand development experience can benefit your next project— Lets Talk!


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