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Trade Show Display Design Tips

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

We all know the cost of exhibiting at a trade show can be a large portion of an annual marketing budget. As expensive as a show is to attend, renting or purchasing a display can be a large portion of the show budget. When planning your next trade show booth keep these design tips in mind...

1. Only Use a Few Colors

Unless your design requires a highly colorful pallet, keep your color selections to 1 or 2 hues. Use the colors of the brand, business or product your are promoting. Try using shades of hues for more color variation.

2. Use Underlying Structure to Place Elements

When placing type or other elements in a large display consider an underlying structure for the "entire" display and use it to place and anchor elements. Treat the entire display as your canvas, don't try to design a trade show display 1 panel or section at a time.

3. Keep it Simple- Really Simple!

Use short lines of type or slogans that are instantly readable. Use large images to convey the messages visually. Don't place paragraphs or phone numbers and addresses on your display- use it to bring people in and give them a brochure. Or use a monitor to loop more detailed information with video. When it comes to trade show display design less is truly more.

4. Make it POP!

A trade show display only has a fraction of a second to capture someones attention as they walk by absorbing everything they are experiencing. Visibility becomes especially critical with an in-line booth location. Use negative space in your design to help your booth stand out from the clutter of a trade show floor.

The Image is a Design Rendering of a 20 x 20 Trade Show Display

Come see how 20 years experience can benefit your next trade show display project.

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